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Our friend “E” is looking for a specialty cake, ala “Cake Boss” or “Ace of Cakes.” We’ve dished about plenty of area bakeries that whip up tasty treats and might dabble in this kind of confection, but we weren’t sure of any that specialize in turning a birthday cake into a Fendi handbag or Fender guitar, for examples.

Anyone have any ideas? Please share below.

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27 Responses to “Ask Your Heart Out: Specialty Cakes”

  1. Katharine Says:

    Go to this website :

    She is based in AZ but her cakes are AMAZING!!!!! Good luck!

  2. Megan Says:

    The Sweet Tooth Fairy in Provo makes pretty awesome looking cakes. I’ve seen a guitar she did.

  3. Emily Says:

  4. Kristin Says: This baker works for a bakery you’ve featured on your site. She bakes specialty cakes in her spare time. See the purse cake 6 down on the right.

  5. Melissa Says:

    I just found this blog for a great cake decorator in SLC. Her name is Jennifer and she does some really cute stuff!

  6. Kristin Says:

    Midway Country Corner does amazing cake work.

  7. Lisa Says:

    Here’s another Jennifer, but in Lehi.

  8. joanthan canlas Says:

    seriously, the best cakes in this state are done by Carrie’s Cakes ( and the close second would be from Flour Girls & Dough Boys.

    and thats coming from someone who goes to a lot of weddings, shoots a lot of cakes and has 1 piece at almost every wedding :)

  9. Simone Says: Her cakes are yummy and perfect! Here’s a pic of one she did: They have some fun cakes too.

  10. Alissa Says:

    Ohhh, check out Sugarhouse cakes. She made a cake for my baby shower, and it was AMAZING. Her cakes are beautiful–and they taste great.

  11. Amanda Says:

    Mary, the owner of Culinary Crafts catering, told me the best cakes are from a woman named Maha at Pastry Arts Barrani in Salt Lake City. (801) 596-3353.

  12. lindsey loo Says:

    the sweet tooth fairy can do anything. she did a guitar cake for my stepson and it was true to size, it looked the exact same. awesome!

  13. Emi Says:

    How about Crazy About Cakes at

  14. Kylie Says:

    You may want to try – She specializes in mostly wedding cakes but you can email her for other inquiries! I know she has done other kinds!

  15. E Says:

    Thank you all so very much, and thanks yourheartout for posting my question. All these options are going to be very helpful!!

  16. Chelsey Says:

    Dippidee in American Fork

  17. rach Says:

    The Sweet Tooth Fairy in Provo can SERIOUSLY make ANYTHING, and make it look amazing. I saw a picture of an incredible hulk cake she made that almost made me pee my pants laughing. Every detail was spot on.

  18. Amy Says:

    Try Granite Bakery they do some pretty sweet cakes as well.

  19. Maren Says:

    Having been in the wedding industry for more than 10 years, I would have to say that Turia Larsen of Sugar Kisses Cakes ( is hands down the best in the state. I’ve seen and tasted a LOT of wedding cakes, and while Carrie’s Cakes are most definitely beautiful, they have always tasted incredibly dry to me. Turia made the cake for my own recent wedding, and it not only looked INCREDIBLE , but it was beyond delicious, and actually still tasted good (we kept leftovers in the fridge) for more than 2 weeks after the wedding. You can see a couple of pictures of our awesome cake here (on the second page of the picture gallery):

  20. Tally Says:

    We used Maha at Pastry Arts Barrani, by suggestion of our neighbors, and it was the most delicious cake I’ve ever had. She can do anything!

  21. Kelly Says:

    I just took a beginning cake decorating class at the Blue Lemon in Highland and I have to say that pastry chef Jessie Nakoneczny makes very posh cakes. Not only are they decorated beautifully and professionally, but her buttercream frosting recipe is the best I’ve ever tasted. Her cupcakes are better than Magnolia Bakery’s. Seriously. If I was in the market for a wedding cake, she would be the first person I would call.

  22. Sharie Says:

    Carrie also did my wedding cake and I would highly recommand her.

  23. Jennie Says:

    Cakes de Fleur in Salt Lake City has yummy cakes and high quality designs!

  24. marta Says:

    This girl can make just about anything! The link is to some pictures of guitar cakes she’s done, but take a look at her whole site, it is pretty impressive. Jen’s fondant work is especially impressive.

  25. Liz Says:

    Brenda Chance’s company, Icing On The Cake is amazing! Her website is

  26. Meg Says:

    I love Dippidee in American Fork…they have made all of my special occasion cakes. Everything from a Chanel perfume bottle to a fairy wonderland!

  27. tina lang Says:

    The business is just beginning officially, and the website is not up yet, but they have some great example cakes already posted on this blog.

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