Meet Christie Somers, Again


Remember when we told you to never say never? Maybe you weren’t up for following our hair adventure advice. But lucky for you, there’s a round two to this blonde-or-brunette equation. After a short stint in the Golden State (where she treated many a goldi-locked gal), Christie Somers is back in Utah and at your service.

Prepped models for Fashion Week? Dolled up ladies for Good Housekeeping makeovers? Check and check. This NY-trained senior colorist has been there, done that.  And she’s worked on starlets like Rachel Ray and Naomi Watts, to boot.

And now your name can be added to her client list. Christie is available for appointments for cuts, colors, up-dos, the works. You’ll find her at Lunatic Fringe on Parley’s Way in Salt Lake City, and Metropolitan Salon on University Avenue in Provo, Utah.

{Nice ‘Do}

Christie Somers
Lunatic Fringe
2545 E. Parley’s Way, Salt Lake City
(801) 463-1967
Metropolitan Salon
230 N. University Avenue, Provo
(801) 374-3110

{Doorprize} Hold the phone. One of you is in for a nice, autumn style boost. Christie is giving out a complimentary cut and color to one YHO reader. Want to be the lucky one? Leave just one comment on this post before midnight on Tuesday, October 13.

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276 Responses to “Meet Christie Somers, Again”

  1. M.C. Sommers Says:

    My hair needs help! I’m crossing my fingers!

  2. K Says:

    I’m trying to grow my bangs out and could use some serious help!

  3. Tierra Wakefield Says:

    I could go for a new do

  4. Andrea Says:

    Please pick me, I’ve been so nervous to find a new stylist and my hair is in need of serious help!!!

  5. Jessica Says:

    I need a change…BAD!! I’m praying I win this!

  6. Beth Says:

    I need this so much! My hair is looking awful and needs a professional pick-me-up!!

  7. Linda Says:

    ohhhhhhhh! I could really use this. I’ve heard soooooo much about Luni-Fringe. I don’t know why I haven’t yet stopped in. What I do know is once I do, I’ll never go anywhere else.

  8. Carola Says:

    I would love to win this! I need it so bad…

  9. janetha Says:

    oh i would LOVE to win! here’s hoping!

  10. Jenn Says:

    Oh, how I would love to show off a new look in this year’s Christmas cards!

  11. Amie Says:

    Umm yes! Need this so bad! I would love to win this!

  12. Ashley Says:

    OOoo! Just in time for fall! I would LOVE this.

  13. hollylynn Says:

    ooo! i want that!

  14. Maggie Says:

    I want in.

    This is a dream giveaway.

  15. Hannah Says:

    I just turned 30 and would love a new look. Hope it is me!!

  16. susan Says:

    Yes, please!

  17. laura Says:

    Must be a sign from the heavens that I should visit this lovely lady- I am in mad need of her skills!

  18. Evelyn Burns Says:

    Please, please me! I have ugly, limp preggers hair and I would love for it to look great for the big day!

  19. Amanda C. Says:

    Oh man do I need to win this! My hair stylist moved out of the state last spring and that’s the last time I’ve gotten my hair cut (pathetic, eh?). So pretty much I am in desperate need of a cut and finding a fabulous new hair stylist!

  20. Rachel Says:

    The pictures are gorgeous… love the long layers.

  21. Shalee Says:

    Oh I would love a new do:):) She sounds fantastic!

  22. Molly R. Says:

    It’s so nice when talent moves back in!

  23. Kathryn Says:

    I am 57 years old and need to look 57 years young…

  24. Lisa P Says:

    I hope I win. I live right by Lunatic and have always wanted to get the high-end care that they offer.

  25. Moe Says:

    Yes please!

  26. Jinjer Donaldson Says:

    A great cut and some good color is just what my sad hair needs right now.

  27. Anne Says:

    I’m not local but will be in Utah in November. I could definitely use a great cut.

  28. Corinne Says:

    Meeeee! Pick meeeee!

  29. Brittany Says:

    What a dream this would be! Definitely needing to fix up this mane of mine.

  30. Kos Says:

    Oh, I do love in New York but I’ll be home for the holidays. I would be very excited for this because I’m growing out bangs and a bob and it’s deadly.

  31. Allison H Says:

    This would be awesome!

  32. Kari Says:

    I want to! I would love to go dark.. would LOVE too!

  33. Lindsey Says:

    I’ve always considered myself a celebrity – now I can act like one with a fashionista stylist :)

  34. Karlee Says:

    I’m currently in cosmetology school, it would be so fun to pick her brain while I got an updated look!

  35. mary Says:

    please. and thank you

  36. Jocelyn SLC Says:

    i’d love to chop my hair off, PLEASE PICK ME!

  37. Caitlin Says:

    Oh how I need to win this! Thanks for a great give-a-way!

  38. Kimmy Says:

    Oh please please please pick me!!

  39. Mandy Says:

    Sign me up! My hair is begging you!

  40. Christy S Says:

    I sooo need a new style. Please, please, please!!!

  41. lyndsey | paper girl Says:

    pick me!

  42. Abby Says:

    Ugh, my hair needs work! I’d love a free haircut.

  43. Rachel Says:

    could she help me cover up my grey? I would love to win!!

  44. Rachel Says:

    Not only do I need a haircut. I need a new stylist. Mine just moved.

  45. Anna Says:

    If I had hair like Naomi Watts, this could turn out to be the best fall yet. Seriously.

  46. anna Says:

    Oh MAN, this is just what I need. I’m in a pregnant-lady slump!

  47. Candace Says:

    Just in time for a new fall ‘do! Count me in.

  48. Chrissi Says:

    I love making hair changes- I’ve been brunette for two years now and I need something new!

  49. Caitlin Newland Says:

    OMG – I would cry with happiness!

  50. carrie Says:

    My birthday is October 13th and I am turning 30. What a great way to say goodbye to my 20′s than with a new hair-do.

  51. JennyM Says:

    I’m a stay at home mother of twin boys. My hair looks like I am a stay at home mother of twin boys. I am in desperate need of a fabulous hair cut. I have long auburn hair and would love to hand over creative control to someone who can put the spice back into it!

  52. Kat Says:

    Yes. Please.

  53. Erin M Says:

    I recently had a baby and my hair is in need of serious help!

  54. McKelle Says:

    Yes Please!!! I really need this. Haven’t had my hair cut in over a year! Yikes!!!

  55. Ali Says:

    count me in!

  56. Jeanette Blackham Says:

    I always say I’m hair retard. HELP! I need Christie to work her magic on me.

  57. Char Says:

    Me! My hair is AWFUL!

  58. Laura Says:

    I’m so in need of a new style! Help!

  59. Jules Says:

    I need help with my color! Enter me into the mix :)

  60. Tara Says:

    OH I could use some help, needing an updated look !!

  61. Kara Says:

    Ooh, ooh, pick me!

  62. Vamsee Says:

    Pick meee! I need to to get more creative with my hairstyle.

  63. Mickelle Says:

    yes please!

  64. Tara Says:

    Oh please pick me! My hair seriously needs help…

  65. Cassie Says:

    Oh how I hope it’s me! I’m in desperate need of a good hair cut!

  66. Erin S. Says:

    Even my husband noticed my roots, meaning a color and cut is WAY past due!

  67. emily Says:

    My birthday is the 14th, and this would be the PERFECT present !!

  68. nichole Says:

    help help! this is just what we all need….myself included.

  69. Heather Says:

    You have no idea how much I NEED this with my upcoming engagement photo shoot and wedding. Oh, I hope I’m lucky.

  70. Andressa Says:

    I’m going to be 30 next week… that would be an AWESOME gift!!!!!!!!!

  71. Emily Says:

    It’s a bit crazy but I haven’t done anything in over a year and a half because I don’t know what to do. Help please!

  72. Jen V. Says:

    Oh please pick me! I would love to make a drastic change! I’m ready and willing!

  73. Heather D Says:

    Please, oh please pick me. Just had a baby and desperately need some help for my post preggo hair!

  74. Allison Says:

    Oh yes please! Thanks!

  75. rachel e. Says:

    yes. yes. yes. i want this.

  76. Sarah Says:

    My split ends are calling Christie’s name. :)

  77. Alyssa Vincent Says:

    Oh my goodness! Do I need a makeover or what? Haven’t had the time to get pampered since March– and this Baby Mama’s tresses could use a ton of TLC!

  78. Stacey Turner Says:

    Oh how lovely this would be! It would make fall more colorful and bright for me! ~Stacey

  79. Emily B Says:

    I would love some help with my hair!

  80. Courtney Says:

    Oh me! Pick me!!

  81. Emily Says:

    My hair NEED this! It’s begging for some highlights. As a fat, pregnant woman, my hair needs to look good!

  82. Ruth Nay Says:

    I’d love a fix for my awkward haircut!

  83. hayley Says:

    Before I had kids I worked in a salon, and now color my own hair. How sad is that?? I would just LOVE having this done!

    Pick me!

  84. SaMaTo Says:

    Oh, do I need this!!! Pick me please!!!

  85. Michelle Says:

    I could so use this right now! Perfect timing!

  86. Krista Says:

    I’m in desperate need for a kick of color & a new do!

  87. heather Says:

    I REALLY need a pick me up.

  88. Britney Says:

    my hair is in dire need of cut and color. please pick me!

  89. chelsea Says:

    seriously? literally, have been living in a 3rd world country for the past 2 months and haven’t touched it! could there be more of a need?

  90. Meikel Says:

    I would give my right arm for great hair!

  91. nicole Says:

    AHH! I need a hair makeover and I would love to win!!

  92. Rika Says:

    Could use a new style to get me out of my current Momma in a ponytail style. Cheers

  93. Jessica Donado Says:

    oh please, oh please, oh please!

  94. Tenille Says:

    Wow! Yeah, I’d definitely agree. I need this!

  95. emily ballard Says:

    Perfect. I just picked out my new haircut last night!

  96. Kathy Daume Says:

    Pick me! Pick me! I could use a pick-me-up like this! :)

  97. Maria Says:

    Perfect timing. I need a new look! Thanks!

  98. sharon Says:

    I’d love to win. My husband got his shaggy hair cut by her at Metro salon in Provo several months ago and loved it. I need mine cut now!

  99. emily Says:

    I never win, but I’d really like to.

  100. Allison Palmer Says:

    I need this so bad!!!! Pretty Please??

  101. Mandi T Says:

    I would say that I really need this, and I do, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t??

  102. kate Says:

    uhhh, yes please!

  103. Lori Says:

    Oh boy, do I need a cut and color!

  104. Megan Smith Says:

    I do!! I do!!! how fun :)

  105. Erin R. Says:

    In desperate need of shaking things up!

  106. Jessica Says:

    PIck me! pick me!

  107. Mindy Says:

    I. Need. This.

  108. Aubrey Says:

    maybe the universe will smile on my hair..

  109. Jessica Says:

    Me please! :)

  110. Andria Says:

    Oooh! I love getting my hair done!

  111. Lauren Says:

    I JUST got married and my locks are looking lackluster! This would make my fall sososo nice!;)

  112. Amanda Says:

    I. MUST. WIN.

    Mom of four in her thirties, does that tell you enough about how my hair looks on a daily basis?

  113. Annalisa Says:

    new mom in desperate need of a new do but without funds to do so. Please Please!

  114. Jessica Says:

    Oh pick me! My roots are so far down it looks like I’m wearing a toupee on top of my head!!

  115. Jenny Dunn Says:

    i’m in desperate need of a haircut- a free one would be lovely

  116. Amanda V Says:

    I am tired of going to hair schools. Pick me, please.

  117. Meredith Says:

    I’ve been looking for someone to fix my much neglected hair since we moved a year ago. So sad, I know. But it sounds like I’m not alone :) Thanks for the tip!

  118. Kendra Says:

    ME!! I am 27 and already pretty much gray headed if I don’t dye it. And I have dark hair so it shows if I don’t keep up with it constantly!

  119. Marie Says:

    I would totally love a fresh new do!! Been married for 16 yrs would love a makeover! hey i tried the sympathy card, it might not work against the mommies. pout*

  120. Joanna Says:

    HELP ME!!! make pretty.

  121. Brooke Says:

    In need of some desperate help!

  122. Andrea Says:

    HELP! What more can I say…

  123. Becca Says:

    Oh I would love this so so so much. I’ve been wanting to do something different with my hair.

  124. Brittany Says:

    Oh I would LOVE this treat!

  125. Becky L Says:

    Yeah I could really use a hair re-do button. So incredibly dead. Think she could transform my mop into a head full of fabulosity and quaff it to perfection? I would really appreciate it.

  126. Julie Lebo Says:

    I just had my hair butchered so I am in dire need of a new ‘do!

  127. Megan Bishop Says:

    I could SO use a new style!

  128. Mychael-Ann Says:

    Oh… just thinking about the possibility makes me excited.

  129. Rose Says:

    I believe in miracles! I need one, please.

  130. Melly Says:

    I NEVER win…but here’s to hoping! I NEED IT! :)

  131. Becky Glauser Says:

    wow! I would love this!

  132. Rachel Says:

    How generous! What a great give away. My hair is for sure in a rut. It is long and just hangs there. Blah. I would love to have Christie put her artistry to work on my locks.

  133. traci Says:

    I need a cut and color like nobodies business!!

  134. Sheree Says:

    Awesome! Haircuts make me happy.

  135. Lisa Says:

    Please please pick me I need a pick me up!

  136. Kathryn Says:

    Oh man, I am in such desperate need of a haircut.
    Pick me please!!

  137. Amber Says:

    You have no idea how bad I need this!

  138. Amber Says:

    Pretty Pretty Please!?!

  139. amanda james Says:

    I look like polyanna these days. My hair is a sad shade of brown. Please help me super christie.

  140. Andrea Says:

    Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please!

  141. Michelle Says:

    I’ll be in Utah in December and totally need a new perspective on my hair.

  142. Megan Says:

    Oh, this is really cool. I would love this.

  143. carrian Says:

    Oh, I so desperately need a new cut and color!!!

  144. Whitney Hardie Says:

    Oooh, please pick me! Baby’s coming and I’m all a-frump. A new ‘do would be awesome!

  145. Molly Says:

    my hair could use some serious help!!!

  146. sarah ann style Says:

    i’m in serious need of a new ‘do. i would love love love to win!

  147. Whitney Says:

    I am in desperate need of both! I would love this :)

  148. Stephanie Says:

    Oh my, that sounds heavenly. I’d love to have her take scissors to my hair!

  149. Melissa Says:

    oh wow, you never realize how amazing something like this could be until you are a college student with no pennies to even pinch! sounds absolutely delightful. the hairs on my head are screaming at me to help them.

  150. Emily Says:

    I am just getting over the first trimester super-illness…this is JUST what the doctor ordered. Or maybe not the doctor, but it’s absolutely what I’m ordering for myself. Pretty please!

  151. Tiffany Says:

    This is one of the best giveaways! Pick me! I’m too cheap to get my hair professionally colored!

  152. Lisa Combs Says:

    I need this more than you can imagine!

  153. Chelsea Gharring Says:

    Are you kidding me? Who wouldn’t love that? This would be awesome to win!!!!!!

  154. DeAnn Says:

    Well, Well. Someone will be a lucky duck.

  155. Jill S. Says:

    I would LOVE this win! My hair’s showing its “true colors”.

  156. Desiree Says:

    Yes please! I’m in great need of some hair therapy!

  157. Ecce Says:

    um, sign me up!

  158. Erika Says:

    Yes please! I need some sass!

  159. MariaB Says:

    Wow ! That would definitely made my day !

  160. Holly Says:

    Would love this!

  161. Mary C Says:

    I’m so grey!!!! I need alot of help.

  162. Allison Says:

    Not only do I want this, I NEED it…

  163. emily Says:

    Oh I would love to get my hair done!

  164. jennie Says:

    just had a little baby and could definitely use a refreshing ‘do for fall!

  165. Lindsay Says:

    Pick me, pick me!!!

  166. Lindsay Says:

    I would love a new hair style…it’s been the same since I graduated…uhm in ’96. Yep. I know.

  167. Nakole Says:

    Please bless me and my hair win. We could really use the pick me up!

  168. courtney Says:

    Wow do I ever need this! I have heard great things about Lunatic Fringe, plus the name is cool.

  169. Kate Says:

    As a new mommy I could sure use a new ‘do to accompany my new life (which would also be motivation to *do* my hair). An added bonus: I live out of state but will be in UT in October…

  170. Krista Says:

    I would love this! I’m so embarrassed at what bad shape my hair is in. Your gift would be so appreciated!

  171. magdalena Says:

    Pick me! Pick me! My roots are like two inches grown out!

  172. MG Says:

    I sooo need a new look!

  173. Mandy Says:

    Oh please. I need this.

  174. Christina Says:

    My hair needs help. Please.

  175. Pat Says:

    I’d love to have someone truly talented give me a haircut!

  176. Nanette Says:

    this would be sweet!

  177. Joni Adams Says:

    Winning this Giveaway would be a dream!! She sounds amazing and I’m sure my hair would thank her ;)

  178. liz Says:

    a better version of myself? i couldn’t ask for anything more. :)

  179. jennifer Says:

    yes, please!

  180. Jen Says:

    This would be wonderful for me and my hair!

  181. Jen Tippetts Says:

    this would be so helpful!!!

  182. heathers Says:

    I really need this desperately! You girls have the best giveaways!

  183. Marie Says:

    Oooh…I need this. I hope I win!

  184. Jenny Tadehara Says:

    uh…yes please!!!! crossing my fingers…and toes!!

  185. Clarissa Says:

    ooh! This would be fabulous!

  186. Simone Says:

    I definitely need a change! I’d love to win this!

  187. Monica Says:

    I would seriously LOVE this!!

  188. Rebecca Bell Says:

    nothing feels better than a good cut and color!

  189. Bex Says:

    I just had to throw my hat (er, hair) in the ring for this one. I’m a sucker when it comes to anything hair-related.

    I am in desperate, dire need of some professional help. I need my hair did!

    Let me explain. I am currently sportin’ a cropped au naturale Pixie ‘do (having given my hair a rest from at-home box colors for close to two years now) and have missed the confidence-inducing shade of platinum … and I want it back! (I’m just too afraid to attempt to bleach on my own)

    Take pity and pick me for a free cut and color? Please oh please (with a cherry on top!?)

    Thanks ever so much-ly for the opportunity to plead my coif’s case.


  190. elizabeth dansie Says:

    i am in serious need of a new do. i have never had a good one, ever. beauty school, sisters and my own two hands, scissors and a mirror when i am desperate.

  191. Emily Says:

    After two horrificly bad cut and colors in a row I’m dying to find a new stylist who won’t massacre my hair! I’d really really love the opportunity to go to someone who actually knows what they are doing!!! :)

  192. Chloe Says:

    I really just want it to be me. I need a good New York color and cut.

  193. Sarah Says:

    please please please. 6 mo preggo and feeling more unattractive by the day – i think this is just what the doctor ordered!!!!

  194. Char Says:


  195. Liz Says:

    I have the most blah long hair that never changes – this would be a dream!

  196. Dana Says:

    I would love it!!

  197. Liz Says:

    OOOOOH how I NEED this! My last blog post was JUST about my unfortunate experience a couple of days ago with a box color! I think it is destiny that this is your doorprize! PICK ME!

  198. Britney Mellen Says:

    This is just the thing to cure my first trimester/weather’s getting colder BLAHs! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!

  199. Alison Says:

    I am getting married soon and I need a new look. Please pick me!

  200. Brandi Says:

    My medium length blah. hair defitnitely needs a pick-me-up.Those pictures are gorgeous. I’d like that, please.

  201. Sarah Says:

    Oh please, my hair really, really needs new color.

  202. Nichole Says:

    Would love to be her next client!

  203. Heidi Says:

    My hair seriously needs some attention, maybe I’ll do it if I can get some style in the long locks!

  204. Liz Stanley Says:

    christie is awesome, i’d LOVE to get a free cut and color from her (even if it means planning a trip back to ut for it!)

  205. Rochelle G. Says:

    Oh, how I would love to win this!

  206. Lise Crawford Says:

    If she could do this do, it would be a miracle.

  207. Christy Says:

    I’m want some.

  208. allison Says:

    awe… can I win this please?

  209. Jen Says:

    pick me pick me.

  210. Veronica Says:

    I could really use a new look!

  211. Alana Says:

    I have gray hair at 27! I think that says it all. I’m desperate.

  212. Sarah Says:

    as a grad student i have to cut my budget somewhere and unfortunately my hair is suffering. i would really love this!

  213. sarah Says:

    Yes Please! My hair could use some help!!

  214. Natalie Says:

    My stylist recently moved so I am in the market for someone new. I’d love to try Christie out!

  215. Lisa Says:

    Oh please, pick me. I could really use this, and her work looks great!

  216. Hillary Varley Says:

    My hair is so BLAA… Christie Please HELP! :)

  217. Cailey Says:

    I desperately need a new hairstyle… Haven’t got it done in ages!

  218. Jessie Says:

    I would love to win this!

  219. Julie Says:

    This is would be absolutely wonderful-my hair is in definite need!

  220. Allison Says:

    This would be AMAZING. I am in serious need.

  221. Amy Shaffer Says:

    I have heard she does wonders. Yes, please!

  222. Shauna Says:

    My hair really could use this!!!!

  223. Susan Oddou Says:

    Ooooh – I hope I win. My hair could use some style!

  224. Amelia Says:

    I’m up for a cut…and a color would be heaven.

  225. Sarah Says:

    Oh please pick me, my hair needs some serious help!

  226. Jill Says:

    What a great giveaway! I would love a little TLC for my hair.

  227. Kim Says:

    I could desperately use that. I need a cute cut and style to get me out of the mommy rut!

  228. Jen Says:

    oh, that would be lovely!

  229. Maria Says:

    This would be so much fun… I would LOVE it!

  230. Dana Says:

    pick me!

  231. Kellie R. Says:

    count me in. this is a lovely giveaway for the fall season! I’m ready for a change!

  232. jen larsen Says:

    oh help. i would love this, with my whole heart.

  233. Erin Ewell Says:

    ohhhh! ssserrriouss???!! What a fun giveway-I sure would love this ;)

  234. Chantelle Says:

    Not only do I want this – I need this!

  235. Zuzanna Audette Says:

    I SO need this!!!

  236. Kristi Says:

    Pretty, pretty please?

  237. Amy D. Says:

    Please, please, please…

  238. Lindsay Marie Says:

    hi, please pick me? I will be in Utah in December! and I am dying to go blonde (I have light brown/dark blonde-ish hair). when I lived there I would always go to that Lunatic Fringe! great salon!


  239. Adriann Says:

    There are lot’s of please, need, and pick me replys. Let’s try would be honored to win. ha.

  240. Jennifer Says:

    This would be great!!!

  241. Lindsay Says:

    After your first post I had Christie do my hair and have been going back every 6 weeks since – she’s awesome! I think you guys should have her do a regular post about hair – cute up-dos for the holidays, cuts/colors for face shapes/skin types, etc. She’s amazing so more people should get to hear from her.

  242. Chelsey Says:

    Ready and waiting!

  243. Bracken Says:

    My tresses are tangled!
    My locks are forlorn.
    My mane’s looking mangled.
    My hair says “NO MORE!”

  244. Christie Says:

    We have the same name so I should totally win!

  245. Kendell Says:

    This is an amazing blog and I really need a haircut!! :)

  246. sarah Says:

    its a long shot- but i hope i win! i need it. oh yes i need it!

  247. kaley Says:

    oooh. my hair would love me if i won.

  248. Jenny Says:

    My hair is almost to my butt, and hasn’t been colored in almost a year! Would love a change!!

  249. HC Says:

    How fun would this be – please pick me!

  250. Amy S Says:

    Oooh, I would LOVE to win this!

  251. Maren Says:

    Ooh, ooh, pick me! I really would love to end my bad hair year.

  252. Rachel Says:

    I’m getting ready to deliver my 4th baby in 3 weeks. I could REALLY use a great fresh look. This mama needs it!

  253. Leigh Says:

    Amazing! I would love to go see her.

  254. Lisa Says:

    I have four boys and hubby travels during the week so I never have time for myself and desperately need a new look! Please pretty pretty please pick me!

  255. Ada Bowler Says:

    I would LOVE to win a cut and color with Christie! My hair sure needs help adjusting to this dry climate!

  256. Andrea Hansen Says:

    I am in desperate need for a haircut!

  257. Kimberly Says:

    I would really love this!!

  258. mel Says:

    I’m on the hunt for a new stylist – would love to win a free ‘do!

  259. A. Jane Says:

    Oooh! My hair could us an autumn style boost!

  260. Erin Says:

    I just had a baby and have been seriously neglecting my hair …. when pregnant I was too sick and tired to get it done and now I’m just too tired! :) Hope I win!

  261. Pauline G. Says:

    Wow! That is some amazing work. How I need a good cut and color!

  262. nicole Says:

    Never had my hair colored, but might want to try…

  263. Lindsey Says:

    Oh pretty please!

  264. Blair Says:

    This would mean the world to me. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!

  265. Morgan B Says:

    Oh my goodness I am in desperate need of this I hope to high heaven that I win!!! She seems totally amazing!

  266. Mar Says:

    Yes please!

  267. Kathy Julian Says:

    I NEED a makeover….I’m getting older and not really wiser in my looks. It’s hard coming to terms with aging – but a cut and color by Christie with her know how could give me the boost I need! I’ve recently gone a bit darker – too many highlights have added up – but I’m not happy with the cut. :>)

  268. Rachel Says:

    This would be wonderful!!

  269. Jessica Says:

    Pick me please! I am DESPERATE for a new look!!

  270. Leila Says:

    It’s Halloween time but the truly scary thing is my hair! I have never ever dyed my hair and would love to try something new. Thanks for your consideration!

  271. Tiffany Says:

    Oooooh, I would be so very happy to win this.

  272. kaylea dalby Says:

    i’m in college and would looove to get a new look by a pro!

  273. Brynn Dalby Says:

    I love love love love love haircuts, and as a poor college kid would love this!

  274. Sonya Says:

    Pick me, so my kids don’t get made fun of as the ones with the scary-long-haired-lady mom. You know the one.

  275. Brooke Says:

    I would love to win this it is time for a change.

  276. Starr Says:

    Holy cow it was meant to be! Here I am 11:37 – right before the deadline. Oh please, pick me!

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