Beauty Sweep: Eyes vs. Lips for Holiday Glam-up

With Christie Somers
Photography by Alisia Packard

When it comes to evening makeup for holiday festivities, you’re going to have to choose between your eyes and lips. Onlookers will only get lost in one or the other—both would be too much to handle. If your plan is to lure him with your bedroom eyes, here’s a how-to:

eyes-polaEyes For You: First, brush a neutral color all over the lid, from the lashes to the brow. I like Mac Pure Pigment Vanilla (great for seriously any skin tone). Then, equipped with a nice and even neutral surface, pick any dark shadow and brush it onto the outside corners of your eyes. Keep the color heavy in the corners and lighter as you get to the center of the lid. Dark pink and plum shades will make green and blue eyes pop. But if you want to add even more drama, layer the dark color to deepen the contrast or use a gray or black shadow for the corners. Top it all off with a few coats of your favorite mascara. Mine is Bourjois Volume Glamour.

If you’ve decided to play up the eyes, keep your lips simple with a light pink or flesh-toned lipstick that’s not too shiny.

lips-polaLips For Kissin’: If you’re keeping lips at centerstage for that mistletoe moment, think color and think plenty. Find a dark red or pink shade that suits you. For lips that will stay ready and alluring all evening, steer away from the gloss—not only is it totally out, it smears and runs like crazy. Your best bet is to use a lip crayon or lipstick. Jane Iredale has some great hues for the holidays. You’ll get longevity and keep your lips looking perfectly kissable (and polished) at all times … or at least all evening.

If you’re going for luscious lips, be sure to keep your eye makeup minimal with a neutral shadow over the entire lid and, as always, a few coats of mascara to finish it off.

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3 Responses to “Beauty Sweep: Eyes vs. Lips for Holiday Glam-up”

  1. Jennifer O. Says:

    Great tips! Love your blog!

  2. Ecce Says:

    quick tip for keeping the bright red lipstick in place longer and eliminating the gross feathering effect that makes you look like a tired Moulin Rouge dancer: apply eyelid primer to lips (smashbox makes an amazing primer) or even simple pressed powder.

  3. Jules Says:

    Thanks for the tips, but why hate on such a wonderful thing as lip gloss? I have naturally wrinkly lips and gloss is the only thing that makes them look somewhat smooth. Matte lipstick just seeps into the cracks and make my lips look nasty. Long live lip gloss!

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