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Samantha is already tired of being cold. And on her bleak lunchbreak, the last thing she wants to do is fork out $5 for a so-so sandwich with pink tomatoes and partially-frozen deli cuts at another footlong franchise. She wants soup, glorious soup. As they say, it’s good for the soul—especially cold souls.

As such, she wrote in looking for the best cuppa soup in the state. We’ve hashed out the Soup Kitchen and Big City Soup in the past (what happened to Big City?!), and now we’re on the lookout for more options.

We’ll take chowders, bisques—even split peas. Got a soup du jour in mind? Chime in below.

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36 Responses to “Ask Your Heart Out: Souped Up”

  1. Alana Says:

    I’m usually not a chicken noodle type of person, but the chicken noodle at Porcupine Grill is creamy and delish! Our whole office used to do chicken noodle Wednesday’s-it’s that good.

  2. paper girl Says:

    seriously — what DID happen to big city soup??? i LOVED that place. :(

  3. Emily Says:

    The Sedona Tortilla Soup from California Pizza Kitchen is amazing!!!

  4. KJ Says:

    so it’s not new and hip, but the chicken tortilla soup at Cafe Rio is glorious. my favorite item on their menu. I promise, it’s excellent. with a fresh tortilla on the side.

  5. Ecce Says:

    on a cold snowy day, nothing can beat Market Street’s clam chowder. It is too good to be true sometimes. I’m also a huge fan of Red Bute’s french onion deliciousness and Citris grill’s sweet potato corn chowder… I’m convinced that citris has the best lunch deals in town.

  6. m. jane Says:

    Amen to Porcupine’s chicken noodle! It soothes the soul.

  7. thedenice Says:

    i am a big fan of the creamy tomato basil at stone ground.

  8. Tara Says:

    I love pretty much all the soup selections at Zuppas–especially the Wild Mushroom bisque and the Lobster bisque. Tasty tasty!

  9. Megan Says:

    Ditto Zuppa’s. LOVE the lobster bisque. Haven’t tried a soup there that I didn’t like. :)

  10. Ali Says:

    I am a big fan of the tortilla soup from Skool Lunch. DELISH.

  11. Tish Erickson Says:

    The soups at Paradise Bakery are alway perfection! Especially the Fire Roasted Tomato.

  12. Mandy Says:

    Little America has great soups, creamy chicken noodle on Sundays is my favorite!

  13. Robyn Says:

    I love the Clam Chowder from McGrath’s. It is so delicious and warming.

  14. Jenny T Says:

    I absolutely love the soup selection at Cowboy Grub! I know, I know, but their chicken noodle noodles are excellent! Their other soups are just as great!! And who doesn’t love a good miso soup or hot and sour soups?!!! Those can be found at just about any and every Asian restaurant!!

  15. traci Says:

    The only thing at Paradise that I like is the fire roasted tomato (with garnish!) and I keep coming back for it. Jason’s Deli has a huge selection of soups but I’ve only tired to french onion which is hit and miss.

  16. Jessica Says:

    French Onion at The New Yorker, sooooo yummy.

  17. SandyPants Says:

    My picks for soupies that I adore are Zuppas and Robin’s Nest. Yummmm.

  18. Kim Says:

    The thai noodle soup at Noodles is really good.

  19. Camille Says:

    Four Season’s Hot Pot in Provo has the tastiest broth you’ll ever taste. They have a full menu (including authentic Kung Fu Panda style dumplings cooked in their delicious broth if you’re lucky enough to stop by on a day they’re making dumplings), but one of my favorite things to order is the hot pot.

    You can choose their traditional chicken broth or a spicy chicken broth, or both. And they have an all you can eat buffet of raw vegetables, chicken, beef, and sea food. You cook the food in your broth at your table.

    So much flavor.

  20. Janey Says:

    When I had the Tomato Bisque at Zupa’s it tasted like pasta sauce to me….and no thanks to McGrath’s.

    I agree with the Chicken Tortilla soup at Cafe Rio’, and the Sweet Potato Corn Chowder at Citris Grill.

  21. Angie Says:

    I love the tomato basil soup at Elizabeth’s Bakery and Tea House. It is so good and warms me up so quick.

    I keep noticing my favorite spots are disappearing and its sad to me. What happened to Big City Soups?

  22. Jenny Says:

    I’m gonna put in another vote for the Fire Roasted Tomato at Paradise. But honestly, nothing I’ve ever had beats Soup Kitchen’s tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich.

  23. Kim Bell Says:

    If you don’t mind a few carbs(noodles in those bowls you know) then try the noodle bowls with lots of great broths(that counts as soups right?) at My La Cai noodle house on State Street in SLC between 8th and 9th on the East side of street. Pipping hot, lovely decor, a full meal and cheap.

  24. Anne Michelle Says:

    Its not sexy, but I had a Green chile and corn soup at Kneaders that was pretty much awesome. Their Mushroom is also excellent.

  25. Heather Says:

    Any of the homemade soups at Lettuce & Ladles are fantastic. You cannot be disappointed!
    4657 S. 2300 E. in Holladay

  26. Cory Says:

    Big City Soups closed last Spring – so sad. You might “thank” the Gateway mall, according to Salt Lake Magazine:

    I think that’s a good reminder that if you enjoy a locally-owned place, be sure you actually eat there.

  27. nakedjen Says:

    koko kitchen curry soup. as i’m vegan, it’s big, deep, has loads of noodles and there’s always enough for me to enjoy it there and then take it home and enjoy it all over again.

    seriously, it is addicting.

  28. katherinemw Says:

    liberty heights fresh makes yummy fresh soup or chili everyday, it is always changing. and i think they have their tomato soup available daily in their refrigerator section daily as well. it is so yummy- with their roman round bread, you can not go wrong. i want soup right now! yum.

  29. jennifer Says:

    the seafood soups IN the seafood section of 4th south’s whole foods are always great! clam chowder, butternut & crab bisque, cioppino, etc. . .

  30. Bekah Says:

    Hagermann’s Bakehouse has awesome soups and really yummy sandwiches.

  31. Joanna Says:

    Town and Country, its not a eat there type of place but a take it back to the office. They have daily soups and their sandwiches are to die for. Don’t be scared by the appearance, it use to be a gas station or mechanic joint, the ladies in there are the friendliest. 2840 S Main St South Salt Lake

  32. Laurel Says:

    i was going to say Cocoa Cafe but when I looked up the exact address, I discovered it’s closed. WHAT? tragic. best soups in the city!

  33. Magdalena Says:

    Nordstrom tomato soup is divine any day of the week, don’t forget thursdays when Porcupine serves their famous mushroom soup. Yummy!

  34. Steph Says:

    For those of us unfortunately stuck on the west side on work days, Uinta Brewing makes delicious soups (Wisconsin cheddar, wild rice, chili, etc) and yummy fresh sandwiches. They’re located on 17th south just west of I-215, and they serve lunch from 11-3. I think I’ll have to go tomorrow!

  35. Erica O'Brien Says:

    Hi…my girlfriend just sent this to me! Let’s see- Big City Soup- I don’t know for sure what happened, however, I purchased the building that Big City Soup was in and we are renovating the space. We will open this Spring/Summer as a tea & coffee cafe-with savory & sweet pastries. We are also leasing out a space for a restaurant right next to me (where Big City Pizza was)- intending for Soups, Salads, weekend breakfasts, etc…sorta like a healthier version of Blue Plate Diner. So cross your fingers for the perfect individual with like-mindedness and fabulous S O U P! I’ve created a blog to document the process:

  36. karin Says:

    I love Mini’s Retro Cafe Creamy Tomato Bisque with a grilled cheese. Way good and homemade with lots of butter and cream. Big City had to close its doors because of high rent and the landlord would not work with them over the summer. So now it just sits empty. How smart is that.

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