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You know how it is. You’ve got somewhere to be (brunch with friends, business luncheon, hair appointment, parent-teacher conference) and you can’t find your car keys. You want to set up the next appointment with your stylist, but you’ve forgotten your planner. It looks like a business luncheon will require follow-up, but you’ve misplaced your business cards. Again.

Multi-tasking ain’t easy. And looking stylish all the while? Even triple threats like actress-singer-model Lindsay Lohan can’t keep it together despite a handful of assistants.

Salt Lake City’s own FranklinCovey makes staying put-together a cinch thanks to its stylish and upscale collection of business totes. In both clean-and-preppy and distressed leathers, these helpers are smart and easy on the eyes: cute enough for everyday use, but sharp enough to match your new pinstriped suit. Check out the selection right here.

Like most things, the real beauty comes from the inside. An attractive, red Emily Business Tote comes with pockets for your phone, PDA, laptop, cards—even neat, no-wiggle pen loops. You can complete the set with a matching day planner binder, which features adorable contrast piping.

Ah, the sweet smell of commonsense and style. Oh, and the sweet smell of genuine leather, too. Who knows what could happen if Miss Lohan got her hands on one of these organizing wonders—maybe, like, a decent album? One can always hope.

FranklinCovey has kindly offered a 10 percent discount to ALL Your Heart Out readers. Just enter promotion code 18027 at checkout.

{Get It Together:}

FranklinCovey Business Cases and Totes

{Doorprize:} FranklinCovey wants to show two Your Heart Out readers how easy it is to make organization both fashionable and fun. It has offered to give away:

Emily ToteEmily BinderMartina Tote

1. A red Emily Business Tote and matching Emily Binder, together a $249 value. We love its crisp-and-clean, tailored design.

2. A chocolate Martina Business Tote, which comes with a savvy, coordinating wristlet, together a $189 value. We dig its city-meets-country appeal, carried out with brushed gold buckles and twin exterior pockets.

To win, leave just ONE comment on this post by 10 p.m. on Monday, July 23. Your life could be changed for the better.

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167 Responses to “Franklin Covey”

  1. Sarah Cool Says:

    Love it! I worked for FC for 4 years in college… it was a great college job!

  2. Jessica Says:

    These are too cute! I have a mini franklin covey and love it!

  3. Kristin B Hodson Says:

    Cute and functional? Perfect!

  4. Dede Says:

    I love these! Franklin Covey has come a long way from the traditional dayplanner.

  5. Cindi Says:

    Hook a sister up! ;-)

  6. jessi Says:

    I’m a FranklinCovey girl from way back – what a great giveaway!

  7. Jocelyn Sparks Says:

    i SO need help getting organized…

  8. Jill Says:

    Loving the giveaways. This one is for the win! :)

  9. Amanda Conley Says:

    Ooooh, I want this so bad, I’m speechless!

  10. Michelle Says:

    Oh Please Please Please!

  11. Julie Says:

    I Love the FranklinCovey Planners, but I’ve never had a business tote. The red is great!

  12. Emily Wignall Says:

    what a beautiful way to get organized. thanks.

  13. Sarah Says:

    Here’s my comment!

  14. Krista Says:

    I love these rich colors! It’s the first fall colors that I haven’t been sad to see.

  15. Desiree Harmor Says:

    I think this is a great accessory for organization. We could all use a stylish way to keep our schedules updated and our events marked. Thank you for the tip.

  16. Megan Says:

    Wow, what a great giveaway!

  17. Stephmodo Says:

    I could use a little help in the organization area! This giveaway is perfect for moi.

  18. Julie P Says:

    Oh! Pick me!

  19. Jinjer Says:

    I need some organization in my life. Pick me!

  20. Ashlynn Mitchell Says:

    Are you serious!? Oh how I need to get more organized!

  21. Stacie Says:

    I just found your blog and must say I am mighty impressed. Please enter me in the drawing. I am needing to get organized.

  22. Tiffany Says:

    Pick me! Pick me! Love those bags!

  23. Ecce Says:

    Who could say no to this? You ladies are so cunning at getting sweet things for your blog devotees…

  24. Amy Says:

    I need major organization help. The summer is half over and I don’t know what I’ve done, I’ve doublebooked three weekends in a row, and I haven’t accomplished any of my summer goals. I need a Franklin Godbinder to help me out!

  25. carly f. Says:

    I can’t tell you how many times I have seen these in the fc store and coveted them! If only luck could be on my side…

  26. Muranda Says:

    Oh my, I LOVE being organized….I just can’t afford to buy this purse on my own….please?

  27. Molly Says:

    Franklin Covey has really kept up with a modern girl’s needs. I also love their journals with interchangeable jackets!

  28. Polly Says:

    Love it! Love the red and the look, have wanted to get organized with one of these for a long time!!

  29. Katie Says:

    If I had a cute way to organize maybe I’d do it….?

  30. Carly Says:

    Love the Martina business tote.

  31. Allison Says:

    Oooooh, I could sure use some organization in my life! What a good giveaway!

  32. Adrienne P Says:

    Must…get…organized! Send…help!

  33. Andrea Says:

    I love both of these bags! My favorite purse I ever bought was from Franklin Covey – they have really great bags. If you’re trying to get organized why not go to the place that does it best?

  34. Melanie Says:

    Yes please. I need all the help I can get.

  35. Meriel Says:

    This would be the greatest win! Thanks for this give-away!!

  36. Abbie Says:

    Oh, I need one. My work bag from Target just isn’t cutting it anymore.

  37. Gheyban Says:

    sweet planners! yeeeah!

  38. Jessica Says:

    You should see the bag I’m carrying around now. It’s just sad.

  39. Debi Caldwell Says:

    What cute bags. I love Franklin’s classy and sensible way of organizing work, family, you name it !

  40. Angela Says:

    I’m in!

  41. Mia Says:

    I have a laptop but no business tote to carry it in…help me get organized!

  42. Jenny J Says:

    You know i la la la love to be organized…!!!

  43. Christine Says:

    I love both bags… Classy AND helpful!! Please enter me.

  44. Sarah M Says:

    yes please

  45. Lauren Says:

    Prize me!

  46. Heidi Says:

    Lovely! Please pick me–I need all the help I can get. :)

  47. Shirley Knickerbocker Says:

    Wouldn’t that make a beautiful birthday gift – hint, hint

  48. Staci Says:

    your give aways keep getting better and better! pick me pick me!

  49. Lindsay Says:

    oh me! Oh my! This could be fantastic – who can’t use some organization. Plus they are very cute!

  50. Christy Says:

    New mom, business owner, remodeling house…yeah, I could probably use more organization.

  51. Linsey Knerl Says:

    Mama loves this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Jocelyn SLC Says:

    YES….I love Franklin Covey and i Love prizes!!!! ROCk ON YHO

  53. Hadley Says:

    Love them both! Who can’t use a little help keepin’ it together?

  54. Bethers Says:

    It is my birthday this week and I would LOVE the chocolate tote. I LOVE organization and no one would use this more than I.

  55. Season Says:

    This is such a great giveaway. I want that chocolate tote real bad. It could get me one step closer to being as put together and chic as Maeve! :)

  56. pam Says:

    The only thing better than a little black dress is a cute red bag. I want it!

  57. Kyra Says:

    Both colors are very cute, I definetly need to get organized.

  58. emily Says:

    I don’t want to miss out on this contest. Thanks for the opportunity.

  59. Mandee Says:

    I am a Franklin Covey girl from way back, too. And I am cursing myself for not stocking up when I had the discount! I can only hope that my fate is win-win one!

  60. summer Says:

    I need one of these to help organize my life on the go!

  61. Melissa Says:

    Cute business!

  62. Brittany Says:

    Nothing better than an organized mom! I love it!

  63. Ellen Says:

    Sign me up! I need some organization in my life!

  64. Beth Says:

    I love to be organized!

  65. Sarahbellum Says:

    Organize me!!

  66. Lindsay Says:

    I can never find my keys!

  67. janae Says:

    I am a big day planner fan! couldn’t function without it.

  68. Christa Says:

    Oh, I am an organizer!! I drool over the Franklin-Covey section of calendars when I buy mine new one each year – I just cannot seem to part with that much money for one, but they sure are nice!!

  69. Mary Jane Says:

    I’d be thrilled to win any of these great items!!

  70. Molly Says:

    With a new baby coming, I really need some organization in my life! My little laptop would be so darling in a new bag!! Pick ME!!

  71. Natalie Says:

    fabulous designs! fabulous organization! I could use that!

  72. megan Says:

    these are so cute!

  73. Lisa Says:

    wow. this would change my life!

  74. Lucy Says:

    those are such fun bags!

  75. kailani Says:

    I could use a little change in my life! I’m so in! Thank you!

  76. Julie Says:

    I need to get organized!

  77. Mindy Says:

    Count me in! Both are so cute and I could definitely use some organization.

  78. Nadja Says:

    sounds wonderful.

  79. Jillian Says:

    I love that chocolate brown tote! And the red is so sassy…

  80. Jen P Says:

    I want one too!

  81. Amber Joi* Says:

    MIA: My organization…
    Wanted: Franklin Covey giveaway

  82. Tonia Conger Says:

    I’m always like 78th on your list. If I’m consistent, maybe one day 78 will be the lucky number.

  83. Anne Bradshaw Says:

    Oh, how I’d love the chocolate Martina Business Tote. It’s me, down to the last buckle. So handy for all my writing stuff when I have to take it places. Can always hope.

  84. Marci Says:

    FC stepping it up!

  85. Annie Ream Says:

    for a neurotic procrasinator… don’t you think I need all the help I can get!!!

  86. amie Says:

    count me in…..

  87. Whitney Says:

    My life desperately needs this!
    You don’t even know! :)

  88. Holly Says:

    Um yeah, I totally need that!

  89. Meg Says:

    I love these! They would be perfect for my business trips. I’d be organized and stylin’!

  90. Genesis Says:

    Well, that brown business tote looks like just the thing for taking my work papers with me when I take my boys to the park! Right now, I just have a ratty old backpack that I keep meaning to replace and never find the time. I could SO use a nice tote.

  91. Gaby Says:

    Lovin’ Franklin Covey. I update every year and this would be a great addition for next year’s organization. FC is the best.

  92. Laura Says:

    Wow! You’ve got to love these organizers! I like both of them and I am having a hard time figuring out which one I like the most.

  93. Mindy Says:

    I Love these new designs, and I’ve been a Franklin Covey girl for a while now.
    Would absolutely Love to win a new fabulous tote! Way to go girls on the
    great giveaways!!!

  94. summershine Says:

    That chocolate tote is gorgeous! I hope I win!

  95. Kat Says:

    I’m lovin these new laptop bags. I’ve had my eye on a few. These looks so great that you can even ditch you bag and carry all in the one. Especially love the A chocolate Martina Business Tote – with all the pockets and space that us usable for everyday use.

  96. Heidi Says:

    Wow~ organized and great-looking at the same time!
    Please enter me in the contest~ I’d LOVE to win!

  97. Natalie Says:

    very cute! not at all what i expected from franklin covey. thanks for the refresher.

  98. Jo Says:

    Ohhhh I think I have tote lust!

  99. lifeasamama Says:

    cooool ness.

  100. Judy Says:

    How totally cool. Count me in!

  101. jenn Says:

    I love franklin covey products. I’ve used them before and they are always a great help. However I’ve gotten out of the habit lately and I desperately need to get back into it. As a realtor I could really use some more organization.

  102. Nemesis Says:

    Oh wow, please pick me!

  103. Jenny Says:

    Those look so great!

  104. Megan Says:

    Pick me! Please pick me!

  105. Lulu Says:

    I could use me one of them thar assistants!

    Please sign me up. And I promise that I’ll never talk like that again.

  106. Becky Says:

    Put me in this drawing. I would love to win!

  107. Julee Irish Says:

    Those are gorgeous! pick me!

  108. HeidiBB Says:

    Organize me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  109. Dana Says:

    I am on a total organizing kick and this would be perfect. So please enter me if you will. Have a great day :)

    Dana in Texas

  110. Karlene Says:

    If anyone needs organization it’s ME! Sad, but true! I hope to get help! :)

  111. Mary Says:

    Is there room for a diaper or two in one of those bags? Baby #2 comes next week – Help this momma stay organized and put together looking!!

  112. aimee Says:

    so i already won the eliza magazine but I didn’t want to not comment! I’ll let someone else win these… very cute!

  113. Amy Dover Says:

    These are seriously so cute and I would LOVE to win this.

  114. Grace Says:

    What a great bag to put all my Covey books I read on the bus!!

  115. Jodi Says:

    Oh I so need this!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  116. annaliza Says:

    ooo! you can never have too many large/hobo purses?! except some of us only have one…
    hahaha. thanks for the opportunity! i hope i win!

  117. michelle Says:

    I could use some stylish organization! I HOPE I WIN!! :)

  118. collette Says:

    You have great give aways. Those are cools bags.

  119. Dee Says:

    These could make an always rushed girl feel instantly put-together. I could definitely use a dose of that!

  120. Allison Says:

    This is a fun giveaway. I love anything and everything to do with organization.

  121. Qtpies7 Says:

    Those are too lovely! I need an organizer for my new position as Leader of Women’s Ministries, too.

  122. Jamie anne Says:

    I want one! I want one!

  123. anne Says:

    These bags are really wonderful. So unique and practical. Just love them.

  124. Thimbleanna Says:

    Love this blog — makes me feel like I’m back home!

  125. Mama Zen Says:

    I so need this!

  126. Fern N. Says:

    I love day planners!!!

  127. Tricia Says:

    I want it. Bad.

  128. alison Says:

    pick me! pick me!

  129. Mandy Says:

    Organize me!

  130. Valerie Says:

    I can just feel the coolness of being organized now!

  131. Brecke Says:

    I would love one!!

  132. Lissete Says:

    My daughter just started a new job an would just love one of these! She would look so professional!

  133. Kayka Says:

    Stylish and organized. Franklin Covey has pulled together what a TODAY woman needs.

  134. Connor Says:

    I would love to win this for my mom! Thanks!

  135. LivingforGod Says:

    Please enter me in this giveaway. Thanks!

  136. JewelsHud Says:

    Wow – SOOO Beautiful and Chic. As a new mom finding her way into this world . . . I am trying to make things a little more clean and efficient everywhere I go. In my former life (pre-baby), I also helped people find blessing in organization. All Things Have A Place!!

  137. Lacey Says:

    I would love to win some great totes.

  138. JHS Says:

    I really need one of those! :-)

  139. lindsey Says:

    I can’t believe that these are Franklin Covey, they are big enough to hold all sorts of gear!

  140. Robin Says:

    Hmmmm….I’m feeling pretty random…and lucky :).

  141. Lane Says:

    Woah! This really brought the YHO lurkers out of the woodwork! I haven’t bought anything from Franklin-Covey in a decade, as my slapdash lifestyle no doubt attests. But I always like me a good leather bag, and these are surprisingly cute!

  142. courtney Says:

    i can smell the leather now!

  143. Angie Says:

    Wow. Their stuff has gotten really cute! In a perfect world I would be that organized and that put together. Usually, by the time I can find my phone the caller has hung up, find my car keys and someone else has offered to drive, find my calendar and there are already conflicts (if only they were Interesting scheduling conflicts) . . .

  144. Julie Says:

    Organization and style all bundled together. Love it.

  145. olivia Says:

    maybe if my name was emily or martina, i’d be more organized???

  146. sara Says:

    me. me. me. pick me. pick me!! i DESPERATELY want/need/adore/envy/love these!

  147. peachyswamimommy Says:

    Oh my goodness! I can’t tell how these are EXACTLY what I’m looking for. As my children begin to embrace the school schedule in just a couple of weeks…I now have to keep track of their school activities, their afterschool activities and now their arrangements seeing their dad…. Organization is KEY!! What a wonderful gift!!!!

  148. Meagan Says:

    Oh my word….I NEED THIS!! I’m a disorganized mommy, YW leader, student…I will be student teaching in the fall and then teaching my own class in January. I need to get organized! This is perfect! Organization meets trendy! LOVE IT!

  149. Cherie Says:

    The perfect look. Just what I’ve been searching for!

  150. Julie Says:

    Very classy!

  151. teri Says:

    Love the brown one!

  152. Leigh Diddy Says:

    Love these bags!

  153. Christina Says:

    These are great products! I will keep these in mind when shopping in the future for family, friends and myself.

  154. Libby Says:

    The red ones are totally cute.

  155. Shannon Says:

    These are seriously soo cute! I would LOVE to win.

  156. Jennifer Says:

    These are great…please enter me! Thanks!

  157. Priscila Says:

    Pick me!! I would love it!

  158. Jennifer Says:

    I love the FC system! I hope I win some stylish stuff to help me look good while I’m organized!

  159. Lindsay Says:

    Ooh, I want that!

  160. Jenny V Says:

    Oh wow! I would love to have this stuff!

  161. Heidi Says:

    Organization… I need all the help I can get!

  162. Bridgett Says:

    Pretty Purses!

  163. FRANCIS Says:


  164. Ashley Says:

    pick me….choose me.

  165. Katharine Says:

    This is something I really need!

  166. Carol D Says:

    I think I’m past the deadline but good luck to all those who made the cut! Really wish I was in on this one!

  167. Cilla Says:

    Count me in. I’m holding my breath!

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